Thanksgiving Table Decor - Recycling Outdoor Plants

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It's been said that "clothes make the man". If that's the case, then I believe that accessories make the woman.  Think about it.

Way back in second grade, when I was playing Barbie's with my sister, it was always about the accessories!

Tiny little shoes, hand bags, jackets, even a hat or two. Barbie had it going on. She had cases full of clothes, and entire cardboard drawers full of shoes and purses. There were even elbow length gloves!

Barbie could wear the same dress with just a different pair of shoes, purse and jacket and it looked like a whole new outfit.  At least from my then 8 year old, fashionista-in-training, point of view.

So, when it came to the centerpieces for my Thanksgiving table today, I took my queue from Barbie.

Take a closer look....see these?

I've used them before.   In my fall urn. Remember?

It's the same kale and lotus pods that were in my urn since September. When the cooler weather arrived, the kale continued to grow and turn white.  In order to move it indoors, I just removed the lower leaves and cut the stem with my pruners.

From there, it's all about the accessories!

The dried hydrangea, pine cones, tallow berries and  faux white pumpkins were all re-used from prior arrangements.
 New additions included sprigs of  cedar, seeded eucalyptus, magnolia leaves from my dear friend and florist extraordinaire, Sadie, from The English Garden Flower Shop. Truly, she's amazing.

I'm so blessed to have a dear friend who not only allows but encourages me to do this type of thing.
 I went, yesterday afternoon, with my bags and baskets of "stuff",  to her shop. We talked and she cut things, I added ideas, she thought of more things. She got the arrangements most of the way complete and I finished them when I got home. We share a common vision and a love of things that are just a bit different. 

The final new addition is  pheasant feathers that I purchased through  a fabulous place called

Take another look...there's not one flower in these arrangements other than the dried hydrangea.

Not a single one.

It's all about accessories. I set the table using a white cloth, a chocolate brown washed linen runner, Pier One Imports Chargers, White Ironstone plates topped with a mix of vintage blue and brown transfer ware. Napkins from Williams-Sonoma completed the setting.

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Now that my table  is properly accessorized, I'd better do something about ME!



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