Fall Pumpkin Planter - A Cinderella Story

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Did you read the story of Cinderella as a child?

Or, for that matter, do you still read Cinderella as an adult?  I do.

In fact, I seem to have a fixation with that story. If you don't believe me, see Exhibit A.

I've got to admit that, any time I read a story that involves a handsome guy with money rescuing a kind, hard

working,  girl from a life of cooking and cleaning, I think to myself,

"Really?  Sign me up!" 

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. But the thought of being whisked off to a castle by a guy who has

searched the countryside looking for me after a night of partying that includes a fairy godmother

who turns a pumpkin into a carriage and a mice into horses without a glue gun or spray paint?!

Come on, with talent like that, you just know that the fairy Godmother is headed for her own DIY show on

HGTV, don't you? 

And who am I kidding?! I'd  jump at that offer. (Of course this would be after making sure that the prince

knows that I come with a family...and a dog.)

Geez...that would change the ending just a tiny little bit.  Don't ya' think?

So, I keep hoping that one morning, I'll walk outside and my fairy Godmother will have turned this planter

into a glass coach (or at least be standing there, ready to waive her magic wand so that I can get my house

cleaned  and decorated before homecoming this weekend.)

 In the mean time, I'm planting mums, and cleaning and decorating our home for one final homecoming for my  
youngest prince and working on my very own  Happily Ever After.

 But, if you happen to see a kindly woman with a wand who's looking for a hard working gal  to do

a little magic for, send her my way, won't you?!