Dollar Tree Holiday Chandelier Makeover

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My chandelier is getting ready for the holidays.  Like every girl, she's getting dressed up, putting on a little make up and sporting some "bling".

She's decided to trade in her old "hair" for a Dollar Tree garland "wig" this holiday season. I don't blame her, it's nice to change it up sometimes.

If you weren't around for the original makeover, you can see it here.

In the spring, I wrapped my brass chandelier with burlap ribbon, added grape vine wreaths, Spanish moss and some vine cages.

The chandelier was happy but, after Thanksgiving, she started to complain just a little. You know...throwing little pieces of Spanish moss onto the table every couple of days. It was annoying... and effective.

After a week of this behavior, I knew that I was going to have to do something before I came downstairs one morning and found the table covered in grape vine wreaths, moss and burlap with  my chandelier standing completely naked in the window where all of the neighbors could see her.

So, last week, armed with $2 worth of garland and a couple of packages of plastic snow from Dollar Tree, my wire snips, a yardstick and scissors, I was ready. After a few minutes with my scissors, I started to feel like a cross between Ty Pennington and John Frieda.

I used the existing grape vine wreaths, cut and wrapped a 19 inch section of garland around the outside and then proceeded to give the garland  a "haircut".

A much shorter version of it's "prior style" much more contemporary. 

I then added some frosty highlights using spray adhesive, a couple of different types of artificial "snow", and some mica flakes.

After the wreaths were back around the candles, I tucked in just a few pieces of real greenery and some small pine cones.

The final detail in getting "Chandy" (we're BFF's, she let's me call her that...everyone else has to call her Chandelier), dressed for the holidays was the addition of the Dollar Tree snowflakes. I also added just a few from my own collection as I explained to Chandy that all the big names wear borrowed jewels for special events...she seemed pretty happy about that. 

The difference is amazing. The cost:  $3. 

Far less than the $600 that Serge Normant charges for a cut and style or the $950 that Ted Gibson commands. 

Of course, my chandelier doesn't have the financial resources of Julia Roberts OR Angelina Jolie.

She's looking fine with Dollar Tree Garland "hair" and Mother Nature "makeup"...proudly flashing her Dollar tree "bling". 

She's become quite a least in the dining room.

She's ready for a red carpet appearance, even a close up.

But I think that it may be going to her head. As I passed the dining room this afternoon,  I heard her talking to the hutch about wanting shades!  

I told her that she can have them...just as soon as she gets a movie deal.

 In the mean time, she'll have to settle for some really great jewelry.