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I should have known by the way that this project started that I was in over my head....but I'd seen it, on Pinterest.... for the last two years and it looked easy enough.  Of course, the other versions weren't four by four feet!

As I think we've established, I'm willful.  So, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and let me tell you the story of my experience with the big guy in red this holiday season using the words to a favorite song:

You better watch out ...
 for oncoming cars as you're holding the 4x4 foot canvas on the top of your Toyota Camry  using the strap to your purse and the cord to your Garmin device because it never dawned on you that it wouldn't fit INSIDE your car.

You better not cry
as you're driving  the two miles home from Hobby Lobby going 10 mph with your flashers on... in 36 degree weather with  30 mph wind gusts... with your left hand on the wheel and your right arm out the sun roof hanging on to the canvas for dear life..listening to news and sports talk because you can't change the station on the radio.

You'd better not pout, I'm tellin' you why. Really!? Do tell....I'm listening.

Santa Claus is coming to town. Gee, ya' think!? It is, after all, December 21st.

He's making a list, he's checking it twice.
Is he still using paper and pencil or has he finally upgraded to an iPad? Also, spreadsheet programs and Word Perfect all have automatic check features so it shouldn't be a big deal if he just puts in a macro or enters the criteria and pushes the calculate button...just sayin'....

He's gonna find out Who's naughty and Nice. 
So I've heard. Personally, I'm still waiting for a written definition of "naughty" and I suspect that at least one of my sons and a few of my girlfriends are, too.

Santa Claus is coming to town.  Yes, I know. But I've still got a few more days to finish these gifts, wrap them and bake cookies...don't I?!

He sees you when you're sleeping, He knows when you're awake. First of all, that's a little creepy, Second, if he really does, then why doesn't he come and help me finish a few of these projects at 4 a.m.?! Obviously he knows that I could use another set of hands. 

He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.  Come on! Again with the "naughty" thing!? See comments above. I'm still lobbying for the "nice" list.

You better watch out 
for the huge canvas that's  hanging off of the kitchen island for the fourth day in  a row when you get up to let the 14 year old dog out...in the middle of the night.

You'd better not cry
even though it's day 6 of the project and you're still not finished or because your son mentioned... at dinner...with more than a little exasperation in his voice....that his sandwich had glitter on it again today when he opened his lunch.

You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why....Wait!!! I know

...it's because I FINISHED THE PICTURE and it's still FIVE FOUR DAYS before...

Santa Claus is coming to town! 

Hmmm...I wonder if there's song about the Christmas tree skirt, stocking or ornaments that I still have to finish....or the cookies that I still have to bake...

I'm sure that I'll come up with something....



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