Spring Carrot Easter Candy Holder {Easy Craft}

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Happy daylight savings time! Even though we lost an hour last night, and even though it has been grey and pouring rain for the last 36 hours, I don't care....do you want to know why?

 Because it's daylight savings time and that means that tonight, when I was at Michael's at 6:45 PM, it was still light outside...and all that rain?   It melted all of the snow....well, not all of it ...but most of it. And this morning, at  O-dark-hundred when I let the dog out...the ROBINS were singing!

Of course, I couldn't see them because it was still dark and because I didn't have my glasses on but I heard them and they were singing...even in the rain!

So I know that spring isn't far off.  I'll bet that in just a few short weeks, I'll be watching the spring bulbs in my yard start to bloom, getting the patio furniture out of the garage and putting the snow blower, shovels and winter boots away for the last  time this season!

I'll be getting ready for Prom and Graduation for my youngest...and planning what to plant in the Potager (square foot vegetable garden) that I built last year. The list might even include carrots this year....

 Somehow, I have a feeling that if I could get these carrots to grow in my garden, nearly anyone would eat them....don't you?!

 I'll bet that they'd be really popular...the seeds would sell out really  early.

If you'd like to harvest a few of these carrots at your house, here's how:

Carrot Candy Holders


Disposable Pastry Bags
Clear Tape
Green Tissue paper
Orange Candy (jelly beans, Reese's pieces, orange slices, etc)
Raffia or Ribbon (optional)


Fill the pastry bag with about 1/2 cup of orange candy. Twist and tape the top of the bag. Cut the top close to the tape. Fold two pieces of green tissue paper in half and cut 1/4 inch "fringe" to within 1 inch of the fold the length of the piece. I cut the piece into four smaller sections and used one per "carrot".  Wrap the tissue around the top of the carrot and tape the end. Tie with ribbon or raffia.

Maybe I'll "plant" a few of these in my garden before Easter....I can just imagine the look on my sister's Granddaughter's face when she helps me harvest them....can't you?!

Now all I need to do is to convince her that if we plant Popsicle sticks, we can grow ice cream bars! Maybe for Mother's Day!?