Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny Art {Tutorial}

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You've probably guessed after seeing my Stenciled Burlap Bunny Table Runner and Upcycled Baby Food Jar Bunny Candy Holders that I have a bunny "thing" going on at our home this spring.

Today is no exception.  The only thing that's different is the venue:  today, we're in the family room.
Yep, there are bunnies everywhere (at least in the back of our home) and this rabbit-related project gives you a chance to do a little spring cleaning because involves reclaimed wood fence boards (or pallet wood) that you may have taking up space in your garage or basement.

Peter Cottontail Pallet/Reclaimed Wood Art

Please Note: The image below isn't exactly the same as the one shown in this tutorial. I drew the first one, freehand, directly onto the board while the image below was drawn after the project was complete.  I got as close as I could to the original however, as with any artwork, no two will be exactly alike. 


Reclaimed wood glued, nailed or screwed together to form a 32" x 32" square
1 sample pot of Benjamin Moore paint in Golden Honey or Plaid  FolkArt Acrylic paint in #432 Sunflower.
1 bottle craft paint in white
1 bottle craft paint in medium gray
T square (optional)
Tracing or graphite paper
Templates below
Paint brushes


  • Cut and assemble the 32" x 32" wood surface. 
  • Photo copy the butterfly below onto white card stock and cut it out. 
  • Right click and save the image below to your computer. Print it onto a standard  8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Enlarge the image by 281% at any copy center. (Overall dimensions should be something close to 24" wide by 30" long) 
  • Using a 2 inch (or larger) paint brush, paint the entire surface of the board yellow and allow it to dry. 
  • Using graphite paper and a pencil, trace the words and image onto the painted wood
  • Using white craft paint and a variety of brushes paint the outline  and then fill in  the bunny as well as all of the words (whatever works for you) and allow them to dry.  I generally use three brushes: a 1 inch, a 1/4 inch and a tiny detail brush.
  • OPTIONAL: Using gray craft paint, outline the left side and bottom of all of the letters (this creates the shadow)
  • OPTIONAL: Using gray paint, add detail to the bunny.
  • OPTIONAL: Apply a coat of clear sealant to the work 
  • Hot glue the butterfly to the tip of the bunny's nose.

As always, stand back and admire your work.  Walk to the basement or garage, marvel at the open space where there once was lumber just waiting for this project. If you live in Illinois, Wisconsin or somewhere colder than that, be thankful for the fact that it's only 12 days until the first day of spring! 

So what the heck!? Break out your sunglasses ...and your very best version of the Bunny Hop

                                               and dance like no one's watching...                             
                                                                                           ...because it is spring at least on your mantel...

                                                 Besides, even if the neighbors do happen to catch a glimpse, don't worry...

if you're anything like me, they already know you're a little sassy! 

Oh, and if you'd like to see it, this piece is a part of the yellow and white Spring and Easter mantel in our family room this year!

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