A Quick Hello and a Few Random Photos

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Hello from the kitchen at the French Farm House!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts but my phone, Internet and television are still resident at our old house until next Monday when, thanks to a lovely lady named Linda from AT&T, I'll have service at the French Farm House and things should begin to be a bit more "normal".

Not that seeing my home look like this last Friday was exactly "normal".  This is the view of our staircase as the movers came to move the big stuff  last week. By big stuff I mean things like THIS:

It's the armoire that served as our linen closet...in the upstairs hall. It went up the staircase before the railings were installed.  I wasn't certain that it would come down....but it did and is safely resident in the bedroom at the farm house ...THANK GOODNESS!

Other "big stuff" included things like my chalk board wall calender which is going to have a new home in the Serendipity Refined Studio at the French Farm House (details on THAT soon!)

and all of the furniture that wouldn't fit into the back of a Chevy Blazer or a Toyota Camry.  Things like bedroom sets...

and dining room stuff.

Six guys moved furniture and the washer and dryer for eight hours...on the second hottest day of the year.
Not ten minutes after they finished, it poured rain and it didn't really let up for 48 hours.  We needed the rain but I was so thankful that it held off until we finished.

I've spent the last four days moving the "small" stuff....AKA everything else!

My brother in law came for a weekend, my sister came to help for two days. We moved stuff, and cleaned...and painted...and...slowly,

                                                                   VERY SLOWLY, things are beginning to find new homes at the French Farm house...remember the de-finished cabinets from my studio?

They have a new spot in the living room.  ...And the photos and mirrors from my office are now in the hall:

Things are beginning to take shape.  I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I appreciate all of your good wishes...and your patience...and every single one of YOU who are following along while I move to the farm house.

Have a wonderful week!