Cabinet "De-Finishing"

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Almost ten months ago, as I began my journey to blogger-hood and my first ever barn sale, it became pretty clear that I was going to need more storage for my growing stash of sewing and crafting supplies.  Fortunately, at that same time, a boutique in my very small town decided to renovate. They left not one but two painted pine cabinets in the alley behind the store one Sunday evening, destined for Monday morning trash pick up. Needless to say, that wasn't gonna happen. It took two trips but the twins came to live in my studio. (I don't have any before photos of the two of them together.  This photo was taken mid-makeover.)

They're  fraternal twins, not identical. They stand seven feet tall, 38 and 42 inches wide and are painted navy on the outside and white on the inside. Not exactly my colors but they were free and I needed them. I brought them home, filled them up, and that was the end of it. We added racks to the back of them for ribbon storage and heavy duty casters so that I could turn them to get to the ribbon.

They were okay for awhile but the casters weren't really working, and they needed more shelves. 
 I gave them a coat of Benjamin Moore Aura in HC-166 Kendall Charcoal and figured that I'd just give the interior another coat of white paint, do a little distressing and be done with it. Easy, right?! Um....nope.

On Monday night after work, I went to Restoration Hardware in search of some pulls for the drawers and the rescue dresser that's going in the same room. I walked into the store and stopped in my tracks, GAPING at the finish on their furniture!!!  Truly, have you SEEN their stuff lately?!

Photo: Oh Restoration Hardware....why do the finishes on your furniture have to be SO BEAUTIFUL!?
Well, I purchased the knobs and pulls but I left the store that night knowing what I had to do. Also knowing that it would involve MORE WORK!

Yep. I stripped the back of the cabinet down to the bare pine and then wiped it with Minwax ebony stain and then my favorite Old Masters white stain. Then, I sanded through most of the gray paint on the detailed parts of the cabinet. 

You can see the other twin in the background of the shot above. She's going to (hopefully) be finished today along with the remaining shelf for this cabinet. Then, I can begin the LONG AND PAINFUL process of sorting, donating, and putting the studio back together.   As an aside: I do absolutely LOVE the hardware...and the finish that inspired the "look".

Now, if only I could get these chairs out of my head....

Madeleine Side Chair Burnt Oak
 They ARE on sale, you know!?


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