Bleached Pinecone Woodland Gnome {Ornament Day 9}

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Today we're making a cute little woodland gnome ornament using one of the pinecones that I bleached last year.  I had seen something similar on Pinterest last year ago but you know how that goes sometimes....

                                                                                                                    it... and forget it.
This week as the ornament series is winding down,  I wanted to make something fun and just a little unexpected.  Can you believe that there are only three more days of ornaments?!  If you could see my studio (kitchen) you'd understand the it's probably for the best.  After all, it's just over a week until Thanksgiving and I've still got things to do for that holiday!

This ornament can be made as a no sew using hot glue but  I tend to stitch things.  I find that I'm safer with a needle and thread than I am with glue that's so hot that it takes the skin off of my fingers. I suppose that the solution would be not to touch the glue while it's still hot....this fact is not lost on me and yet I always manage to do it, To be perfectly honest, I'm trying to save the tips of my fingers from the hot glue so that I can burn them touching hot pie crust next week!


Scraps of white felt
1 white chenille stem
1 bleached pinecone (click here for my How to Bleach Pinecones tutorial)
1 - 1 inch wood bead
1 - 1/4 inch wood bead
1 - 2 inch white bottle brush tree (I upgraded the size from what's shown below)
2 silver star sequins or  one 1 inch wood star (not shown..this is what I ended up using)
1 small gold jingle bell (not shown)
8 inches of twine for hanger (or gold cord which is what I used)


Wire Cutters
Hot Glue 
Needle and White Thread (optional)


From the felt, cut a circle that is about 8 inches in diameter. Cut the circle into quarters. Use 1/4 of the circle to make the hat. Roll the triangle into a pointy hat. Check to ensure that it will fit the large bead. Stitch or hot glue. Roll up the band on the hat. Stitch (or glue) a small jingle bell to the top of the hat. Stitch or glue a hanger to the back of the top of the hat.  From the felt, cut two pair of mittens. Stitch or hot glue each pair leaving it open at the wrist.  From the felt, cut a 7 to 8 inch long piece that is 1/2 inch wide for the scarf. Cut the fringe on each end.

Cut the pipe cleaner in 1/2 and wrap it around the pinecone for the arms. Attach a mitten to each end. Hot glue the hat to the large wood bead. Hot glue the large wood bead to the top of the pinecone. wrap the scarf around the "neck" and glue into position if desired. Hot glue the small bead "nose" into position just above where the scarf meets the "face".

Wrap the pipe cleaner "arm" around the base of the bottle brush tree and glue into place if needed. Hot glue the wood star to the top of the tree. 

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I love this little rustic woodland gnome ornament made from a bleached pinecone and some scrap felt so much that I may even make him some friends if I have time.  Tomorrow however, I'm making a shadow box ornament out of a mason jar ring and a recycled Christmas card...I hope that you'll stop by.