30 Minute Make Over

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 I had a half hour this morning after my son left for school but before I had to start work and I was looking for something (other than laundry and making the bed) to do.  I happened to remember this cute little shelf that I bought at the church resale shop a couple of months ago for SIX DOLLARS! Yep...marked down!

It wasn't bad just the way that it was but I can never leave well enough alone. I sanded the edges and then  got out a couple of cans of ASCP and did just a little dry brushing with White and Country Grey followed by some brown wax.
 I hung it on the wall in the powder room.  Added my great grandmother's powder box, her bedside clock, my collection of ink wells and a few other odds and ends.

Oh...and a few lily of the valley, from my garden. Don't you just LOVE the way that they smell!?

Total Time: 30 minutes
Total Cost: $0.
Having one less project taking up the second bay of the garage and thinking that maybe we'll be able to park in there sometime this spring: Priceless!



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