Thelma and Louise: Junkers by Day; Blog Designers by Night

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Sorry for the brief post but I'm out the door to spend the day junking with one of my very best girlfriends, Ann, from Nellie's Barn Sale. Don't worry, we won't be driving off of any cliffs. We will, however, be stopping at thrift stores and garage sales, checking out a venue for an exciting new market that we're working on (details when I can share them) and going to a classic car lot to check out a couple of "guys" that Ann's had her eye on since her vintage trailer, Doris came to live with her. After all, a gal like Doris needs a strong type to haul her around, right?!  I figure that if we're on the road with coffee in hand by 7:30 a.m., we should be home by dark.

Source: LUZER on Flikr
Oh, and you've probably noticed by now that I also have a new blog header. Yep, Ann and I had an hour last night after everyone else went to sleep so, after surfing Pinterest for a bit, we decided to make over my header!

The best part of the whole thing?! It was FREEEEEE!!!!!  Because that's what girlfriends do. I figure that it  saved me enough money to buy a few more pieces of ironstone (I'll never have enough) or maybe the mill stone I've been searching for to make the water feature for my garden.  Wish us luck!

Updates Monday. Have a Glorious Weekend!