DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY: A Shared Love of Ironstone

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Image of her collection by Ellie Campbell
NOTE: All images contained in this post are the creation and property of Ellie Campbell. I only WISH that I could take credit for the collection and/or the photography. Instead, I'll settle for the fact that I'm blessed to have the friendship of the woman who created them.

I met Ellie Campbell (and her adorable husband) a few years ago at a Farmer's Market in a nearby Chicago suburb.  She was selling her handmade soap.

 I bought a few bars and I have to tell you, her Lavender Oatmeal is my favorite! Since then, she's moved to Nebraska and I lost touch with her for a little while but we've reconnected and I hope to be able to sell her soap at Nellies Barn Sale in June, but that's not the point of this story.

This story is about our shared love of ironstone. I collect ironstone,  but my friend, Ellie, has a COLLECTION of ironstone.  She has photographed and featured on her blog: Frog Goes To Market  (named for her collection of flower frogs) and on her Pinterest pages. This is Ellie's dining room.

 I'm drawn to her simple and elegant style, the vignettes that she puts together, and the way her photographs evoke a sense of honesty and calm that are a reflection of the lovely lady who creates them.

There are more amazing images on her blog, on her store website, and on her Pinterest pages. Take a look at them,  I'm certain that you'll be as inspired as I am.

Happy Friday!