Beach boys (and girls) - Creating Summer

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I like to "pare down" our decor for the summer. Not minimalist. Not completely barren (like my lawn in August). Not "Call the police!  The decor thieves have stolen ALL of our accessories! " Something a little more along the lines of  "Hey look, we can have all of our windows open for an entire week and I won't have to spend six hours dusting! Yay, me!" Something a little more casual, laid back, "beachy" (but without the sand, because I live 40 minutes from the nearest beach and people around here just wouldn't understand).

Bits of sea glass from my favorite beach.

Vintage pails filled with shells collected over the years.
You know, the type of decor that elicits a response from the male populous of my household.
The conversation goes something like this: Them: "Hey, is that a new table?" Me: No, I just removed the "often elaborate, seasonally appropriate vignettes in favor of something a little more understated for the summer."  Them: "Oh. Okay. Real nice Mom. Can you move, please? The Cubs are on."
Made by my youngest in grade school Art Class
Results of a rainy day project with my sons from long ago.
"Summer" will continue to be created at my house over the next week or so. I've got two mantels, the shelf above the cook top and a few other vignettes left to create but,  it's going to be a crazy week at work and I should probably make a few things for the Barn Sale that I'm a vendor at on June 15th and 16th.  I'll share as I can.

Happy Monday!