I Am My Father's Daughter - Happy Father's Day, Dad

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I am my father's daughter. I always have been. I'm not sure that I was ever a "daddy's girl" but I know, as certainly as I know my own name, that he's my dad, and I'm his daughter and although I'm fairly confident that at some point in time both of us may have wanted to deny that fact, we never did. We're stuck with each other and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I learn things from my dad to this day. In fact, much of what I write about on this blog, I've learned from him. It was my father who taught me the proper way to paint a room, to hang a door, to mitre trim. He's the guy who taught me about gardening and, now that I'm older and have studied ornamental horticulture, I'm delighted when I have the chance to return the favor.

My dad's an engineer. It's from him that I get my love of math. He taught me to balance a check He went with me when I bought my first car. He's been there with sound advice about my career and my life.  He was there to mend  my scraped knees, my bruised ego and my broken heart. Through it all, he stood by me. He had faith in me even when I had none in myself.

I value his opinion, I trust his judgement, I admire his values and the man that he is. He's a stand up guy who has a strong love of  God and an even stronger love of family. I'm blessed to have him as my father. I'm thankful that my sons have him as their Grandpa. That my dad's the guy that they golf with, talk baseball with, (and probably learn a little more about their mom's younger years than I might like but I'm delighted that my dad's around to share it with them).

Although I have a husband and sons now, my dad will always be the very first guy that I ever loved. I have wonderful memories of bedtime stories, home movies, school projects, games of Monopoly and cards (and sometimes he even let us win).  We've shared Father-Daughter Dances and bets on Packer/Bear games enough to last a lifetime but I'm thankful for the opportunity to make more memories with him. Every..single...day.

I love you, Dad.