Scenes from Nellie's Barn Sale - Summer, 2012

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I arrived in Roscoe late Thursday afternoon to begin set up for the barn sale on Friday. Ann and I had last minute set up to do but first, we gave Doris her "jewelry". My birthday gift to Ann.
Then, it was on to the business of the decor  for the event. This summer's theme: Red, White and Blue; American Flags. I brought buntings and flags from home and we put them up. Here's how things looked as we all put finishing touches on our displays early Friday morning before the photographer arrived and the shoppers lined up.
Painted furniture by Nellie's and Appytiques
Nellie's painted furniture
The Barn - Nellie's
Part of my "booth" - Serendipity

A Vignette from Counting Your Blessings
Counting Your Blessings
Scripts and Scraps
Scripts and Scraps
Lillyan Lou

Shabby Rose
Shabby Rose's adorable vintage trailer
Photo: Pork Belly Bungle Bee Primitives
Pork Belly Primitives
Photo: The "other half" of my booth this morning.
The "Beachy" side of  my booth - Serendipity
Photo: Here's a shot of 1/2 of my "booth" this morning...BEFORE the rush...needless to say, it looks NOTHING like this now
The "Patriotic" side of my booth - Serendipity

Shoppers lined up almost an hour before the sale began.

I found an opportunity to do MATH!!!
Day 2: There was a 60% chance of rain in the forecast for 4 p.m. Needless to say, at 10 a.m., the skies opened up and it poured for about 40 minutes.  We had groups of hard core shoppers who stayed! Huddled in the barn, the campers, the garage, these folks waited it out, we chatted,  made coffee and sales!

"Ryan" - filling in for the mannequin between the rain drops.

Macy took cover under the check out table
The "gals" (minus Appytiques and Lindsay Letters)
  Please note that even after two days of sales, being rained on, and packing up, we're still smiling.I'm honored to call these ladies my friends.

My booth at the end of day 2.
I'll be joining this group of gals (and more vendors as well) at the Vintage Market in Roscoe in September and again in October for the barn sale. I'll post details as we get closer to the sale.  In the meantime, I'm cherishing the memories.
Thanks to everyone who came out and who supported me and this sale! We'll see you in the fall!