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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Basement Make Over Reveal and My New Year's Resolution

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Maybe you can help me with a question that I've been mulling over for the last couple of  months:
                           What is it that defines the lower level of my home as the "man cave"?

Can anyone explain it to me?  Ever since we moved into our home ten years ago, the basement has been the guy space.  In the beginning, I could understand.  

Our "basement decor" consisted of concrete walls, a concrete floor, a wire rack with a television and a couple of old chairs. My sons played basket ball, floor hockey, and roller skated in the basement.  Spiders built condominiums in the windows and I never really went "below the grade"  other than once a week to clean the bathroom.

So sure, in the beginning, I could see our basement being referred to as a man cave....mainly because, in my opinion, no woman (or in this case...the only woman...ME) really wanted to be down there

                                                      ...except maybe to use the power tools in the workshop.

However, over the last several years, things have been different.  Six years ago, we put up drywall and had recessed lighting installed. Five years ago we got carpet and, each year at Christmas, we purchased a family gift for the space. Suddenly, a couple of years ago, the basement actually became inviting...even to me.

And yet, I still didn't go down there much. The windows hadn't been painted and still had no trim....and there was still the spider housing issue.

But, after the sump pump failure this fall, we finally finished our six year project. We now have painted trim and insulation around the windows and the bugs don't seem to like building in the windows nearly as well as they used to.

I don't know whether it's the insulation and trim...or the paint...I don't really care. I'm not complaining.

So, now that it's nicely decorated. What makes our basement still a man cave?

Is it the for different shades of grey walls and grey carpet (which, by the way, were chosen by the woman of the house)? Is it the fact that, like any guy-related project,  it took lots of power tools and several years to complete....of course I'm kidding...(but it actually did.)

I guess that it could be the baseball posters and sports themed that it?

...Or is it those reclining chairs with the built in cup holders? Is that what makes it "cave like"?  Because there are lots of windows that let in plenty of east and south the whole "dark cave" thing isn't really applicable.

In all honesty, until today,  it could have been the exercise room because that's the room that only my sons have used on a daily basis...100% occupied only by males. Well, other than when the "cleaning staff" (yep, that's me) goes in to vacuum.

It could have been the fact that, while I did spend time playing pool and watching movies in the basement over the holidays, I still never really set foot in this room.

Even though I did hand paint the motivational phrase on the wall and install the cool mirrors that I purchased from Home Depot for $59 each (far less than the $700 estimate from the glass and mirror company for a mirrored wall), I haven't really ever used this room.

Until today.  As of today, the man cave is going to  have a regular female occupant for at least an hour or so each day...ME!

I've made a resolution to actually use the gym  that's conveniently located in my own home, crowds, no waiting for equipment, no cute 19 to 24 year olds in spandex making me look bad (at least not for now).

In keeping with my word of the year, I'm going to DO something that I've been talking about for years. I'm going to get in shape...

And while I'm at it, maybe I'll even change the image of the man cave

                                      ...who knows!? It's a brand new year...anything can happen!

Happy New Year!



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  1. High Five girl! I love this little spot-- get your work on! You so got this! Happy New Year to you Kimberly!

  2. Oh I am so jealous of your basement! In a good way though! I would love to have my own private gym - I'm just sure that's the only reason I don't exercise and take care of myself like I should - the lack of my own private gym. Actually I am pretty determined to get myself out and to the gym this year. I have a friend I can go with and with only a year and a half to the big 4-0 I think it's high time...

    1. Thanks Jill...motivation is my issue....that and chocolate...and maybe pasta...I remember 40...and 45..and well...SEVERAL other numbers...I'm out to prove that it's never too late! Having a friend to do it with will help...and I'm always willing to be your "virtual" work out friend. Just say the word! xo

    2. Kimberly - you are just the best! I will let you know when I get started and you can check in with me now and then to make sure I'm sticking to it. The sad thing is my 13 year old has been asking me for several months to exercise with her. And I always have some 'good excuse' why it won't work right then. Not winning any Mom awards in that area!

  3. What a great lower level. Very nice exercise room and you can do it and I need to get back to exercising,too. I was walking every day when it was warm and I have a treadmill and bow flex wannabe in our bonus room along with all the hoarding I have added to that room. I hope to get it cleaned up and organized this year. Good luck with your resolution.

    Happy New Year

    1. Happy New Year, Kim! As bad as it was to have water in the basement, it provided the push that I needed to finally clean things up and get them finished. The room that is now the exercise room used to hold screens and more bags of silk flowers than I care to admit! Don't think for a moment that I got rid of any of them...They just have a new home in the storage room! I actually exercised today and, presuming that I can walk in the morning, I'm going to do it again tomorrow! :)

  4. What a great basement! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has six year projects! Kudos for having and using your own personal gym, and good luck! Happy new year! ~ Angie

    1. Thanks! Just got back from Day 2 at the "club". Happy New Year Angie! xo

  5. It looks amazing. Worth the wait.

  6. That is awesome girl. We can do it, we can do it! I am going to get back into exercising today. Blogging has made me so sedentary and not healthy feeling sometimes. I even eat at my desk now. But I can do it, and will do it. NOW onto your basement. O M G, I am jealous, it is awesome. How fun to have a pool table too. I love pool. When's the party? Happy New year to you and your family.

    1. Party?! Any time you're ready! I SO wish that we lived closer...we could have a blogger's spa retreat and I'd know...and make the men in my life go away for a sports weekend or something!? Hapy New Year, girlfriend...I've survived day 3! (Pathetic...I considered taking today off....) ;) xo

  7. I tried to do the man cave thing but it didn't work. I had to have my white in there. However, I do love the gym in your basement and when we move our laundry room upstairs that is exactly what I want to do with that space.

  8. WOW! What a space! We don't have basements in FL so I always love looking at what you can do with them, and yours turned out crazy cool! I love the game area especially! We have to keep our pool table in the garage because there's nowhere else to put it, but oh to have a space like yours...

  9. OK--I'll be the first one to say it (and I can because we're such good friends)...yes the first one who says "Exercise? No way!" It's against my religion! Now, please excuse me while I go get my peanut M&Ms!

    1. Do you think that eating M&M's WHILE on the treadmill is a bad thing?

  10. It looks WONDERFUL! How did I miss this post?? Love it my friend!

  11. You and me both girl. The year of getting fit :) Let's do it!!


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