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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Valentines Day Heart Paintings and One of Life's Lessons

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Did you grow up with the Beatles? I did....well, sort of...

You see, I don't actually remember the Beatles, although I'm guessing that I probably saw them on television.

I'm fairly certain that the television in our home (yes, the ONE television) was probably tuned to the Ed Sullivan Show on that fateful day back in the 1960's, when The Beatles made their U.S. debut.

My memory from back then is admittedly a little fuzzy. It was probably black and white television...

                                         ...and I was probably three years old at the time, so I really don't have any first hand memory of the "fab four" and the "Beatlemania" that surrounded them in the early 1960's.

In case you don't remember the Beatles,  they're the band that Paul McCartney played with...

...before he was a solo artist, before he had a band called "Wings". Heck, it was even before he sang with Michael Jackson....
                                                           do remember Michael Jackson, don't you!?

Okay, well, the whole Michael Jackson thing is probably best left for another post...let's get back to the Beatles.

I think that my first real memories of John, Paul, George and Ringo came from having a babysitter who loved to listen to their music...                    loudly...                 and repeatedly.

I think that she must have brought the records with her when she came to take care of us.  I can't fathom that my parents listened to that type of music but, who knows?!  I've been wrong about my parents in the past...

You the time that I went to Arizona during college and didn't think that they'd find out....

Yeah...we'll discuss that another day too...

I  have more than a few memories of hot summer days at at our house with the windows open wide and the Beatles blaring from the stereo cabinet as my sister, my brother and I did our chores under the watchful eye of our teenage care giver.

I'm certain that the  three of us were not the easiest children to look after, but the fact that we had a stereo system and a pool probably helped a little...
                                                               least in the summer.

As I recall, the best parts about being 8 or 9 years old with a teenage babysitter were:

1) that we swam pretty much all day, every day during the summer (weather permitting) and,
2) from the time that she arrived in the morning until just before my father got home in the evening, there was always music

                                       Rock and roll music...

There was also plenty of bad singing and really bad dancing. However, you'll have to take my word for that because,, at least as far as I know, there are no photographs or "movies"of the singing OR the dancing... Thank heavens!

(For those of you who are still reading this post and wondering who the Beatles were, "movies" are what we called videos back in the days when television was only in black and white and you had to cross the room and turn a dial to change the channel.)

                                          Nope.  I'm not kidding. We didn't even have a remote (unless you count my little brother)...or cable.

Don't worry, not  having "technology" when I was growing up wasn't so bad.  Honest. Life was a lot simpler. 

Sure, we didn't have the Internet or IPods. Yes, our music came on 12 inch vinyl "records" that were played on a turn table, in a cabinet, in the living room. 

But, hey...we had the Beatles.... 

           and they taught me one of life's greatest lessons back in the summer of oh, about 1968...

 To get through life, all you really need is love.....and a teenage summer babysitter with a stack of record albums. 



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  1. Oh my this is awesome. I just did a craft with this same verse. But guess what, there is no way I am showing it now LOL...this put mine to shame sista! LOVE your creativity, just beautiful Kimberly.

    1. Great minds, girlfriend...great minds! I can't wait to see yours because I'm betting that it's fabulous like everything you do! xo

  2. Thanks for the great laugh. I was old enough to love the Beatles - 14 when they came to America.

    When I turned 64 in November, one of my classes threw me a surprise party. They knew I had the Beatles on my iPod because they borrow it for lunch time music on Fridays and sometimes play Beatles songs.

    When I walked through the door to my classroom they had When I'm Sixty-Four playing on my iPod.

    I love your paintings and your writing style.

    1. Thanks, Carol! I have to admit, I did smile when my now 20 year old son opened his "new" record player this year at was my old receiver and turn table attached to some used speakers. We had such fun "spinning a little vinyl" by Elton John and even Bill Cosby...what wonderful memories! When I'm 64 is another one of my faves...and not all that far distant in my future! xo

  3. I love your paintings. I have some sayings I'd like to do, not beatles (I never cared for them at all) but your memories remind me of those days so fondly. I loved vinyl records and saving so I could rush to the store to buy the latest album of my favorites singers.

    Fun post!

  4. These are beautiful!

    I've always been a big Beatles fan. I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade, because I'd much rather listen to 50s & 60s music than anything from today!
    My dad was a big Beatles (and Beach Boys) fan, so that's how I came to be one. :)

    This song actually played at the end of my wedding in September - it's what we left the ceremony to :)

    1. just made me a little teary. HOW FUN! xo

  5. Beautiful paintings- love them.

  6. These are great. I love the colors and of course the Beatles. You definitely have an incredible talent for painting artwork. Have a great week! ~ Angie

  7. We must be about the same age, because I remember going to my grandmother's house and dancing to Beatles music with my two teenage aunts. I remember that they got to go see the Beatles in Houston in 1964! They also gave me and my brother a set of Beatles "baseball" cards which I SO wish we had preserved and kept! In the 70's when I was a teenager and the disco/urban cowboy thing started, my brother and I turned to Beatles records for some much needed rock and roll! Thank you for writing this! I love the art!

  8. My beautiful friend, you are SO talented and creative - I love these! Do I see an Etsy shop in your future? xoT

    1. Oh SS, I'm not certain..I've considered it but I'm still struggling to find the time between caring for my family and working a full time "day job". Family is first for me, ETSY has to wait until my youngest goes to college next fall...then we'll see xo, Kimberly

  9. You always blow me away Kimberly! Those two are fab. Where are the other two ;)

    1. You're girlfriend, Ann, is trying to talk me into making a bunch of these to sell. You know...In my "spare" time. ;)

  10. Hi, Great post. I found you through the blog hop. Now following you.Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance.
    Be sure and check out my new Blog Hop that we just started, It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Thanks again.

  11. Beautiful! I guess I have a few years on you, as I do remember the Beatles being popular when I was very young. Your paintings are so full of joy. Aside from those, I loved the line about your little brother being the remote control; too funny!


  12. Kimberly, those are really cute. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing at wow. I tried emailing you a couple days ago to ask you something. Email me back please or just reply directly from this comment.


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