Spring Break, Nesting and A Moss and Butterfly Wreath

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I decided last week that recently it feels like all I've done is write tutorials.  Have you noticed?  Does it feel that way to you, too?  For me, it started to feel like that brief period last summer when I turned into a food blogger or at least I thought that I did.  

I don't know how it happens...It starts innocently enough but then I'm like a run away train. So, today I'm not writing a tutorial about how to make a moss covered wreath.....not really.  

Sure, there are photos that show how to cover a straw wreath form with moss but instead, I thought that we'd talk about the sights and the sounds of Spring. 

For me, there's always been something magical about spring time.  I love seeing the green color return to the trees and the sound of the birds chirping to announce their return from their winter in the south. But now, there are other sights and sounds that let me know that spring time has finally arrived......

It's the sight of  books and computer equipment and calculators and empty water bottles covering the desk in my oldest son's room.  It's clothes draped over the chair in his room and the "lump" beneath the blankets on his bed every night. It's college break and my oldest is spending it with us this year.  

I'm sure that it's probably not as thrilling for him but I'm delighted to have him here.  I feel like the mother the robins that I've seen in our yard for the last couple of weeks, happily gathering building material and readying their nests.  I'm excited to have him around....even if he did bring the equivalent of laundry for a family of six with him. Heck, I didn't even think that he owned that many clothes.

It's the sound of mid morning (or afternoon, or evening) foraging for something to eat between regularly scheduled meals and the spontaneous laughter coming from the basement where he and his brother are  playing a game of pool or watching a movie.

It's having him wander in to sit in the chair in my office and tell me about his plans for the day, what he's been doing at school, or how his fantasy baseball team is shaping up for the 2013 season (even though I'm not really sure what that means).

Yes, there are definite signs of spring in my home this week. Discussions about baseball...and spring...and nesting...

So, even though winter is simply not relinquishing her grip on the Midwest just yet this season, that doesn't matter this week because I'm spending spring break with both of my sons and that will generate enough happiness and warmth to melt whatever snow may be sent our way....

Well....that and the heat from the dryer....which will probably be running, non-stop, until Thursday afternoon!

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