8 months of Blogging, A Barn Sale, and An Announcement

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 About a year ago, I was a helper at Nellie's Barn Sale , run by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Ann. It's not that we're old, we've just known each other since we were 8 or 9 years old and now, well, now we're over thirty...and then some.  The sale takes place in her barn and on the grounds of her home in the spring and the fall.
Photo Credit: Nellie's Barn Sale
 She does amazing things with furniture and paint (and sometimes stencils, and posters and sheet music, and wallpaper. Apparently she likes to keep us guessing!)
Photo Credit: Nellie's Barn Sale
 Over the years, she has formed a group of incredibly talented artisans who join her for her sales. It's a wonderfully wacky group of junk loving gals and guys who thrive on old junk and on helping each other out. There's no room for egos and no time for drama. Just great fun, and friendship, and loads of vintage stuff! It was an amazing experience. I came home feeling like I'd been on vacation...but without the sunburn, or the sand...wait a minute....that's not really a vacation then, is it?! At any rate, it was a great time!
Photo Credit: Counting Your Blessings

In late summer, Ann asked me to be a vendor for the fall sale to which, of course, I said "uh...YEAH!"  As I began to chronicle the journey, just over eight months ago, I started this blog. I joined the blog-sphere, where widgets and gadgets and html are king and queen and linky parties and feeds rule the land.
To date, I've written over 100 posts, have over 100 followers and have been featured on more than thirty different sites, with a couple of them having over 100,000 followers.Geez, with all of those 1's and zeros, I should probably be a computer programmer, or not. 

                                       Profile Picture of Serendipity Designs
As the blog grew, and I joined Pinterest and the other social media sites, it became apparent that the "Serendipity." name was going to be a problem and, in nearly all cases, was already taken. Many of you had trouble finding me, my links didn't make sense, addresses didn't match and were different for each social media. So, about a month ago, I bought a domain, and, next Monday, after the barn sale is over and I get settled, I'll be revealing  a brand new look and a slightly different, more refined name. I'm really excited to share it with you and while I can't share it quite yet, I'll give you a hint:
Those of you who follow Serendipity on Facebook will recognize this as the banner that went up on the site this morning. The new look is different, it's cleaner, more artistic and much easier to navigate. At least until I start messing with it again.   I hope that you'll join me next week and tell your friends to come along too! The content will be much the same as it has been. Just me, taking life's serendipity moments and ordinary things and turning them into something beautiful (or at least less icky).  Thank you, again and again, for coming along on the journey. As I said on  my About Me Page,
"I'm LOVING the company."

I'll be posting as I can with updates from the barn sale over the weekend!

Until Next Time, There's beauty all around you, you just need to look. (except in my studio...that's one big, ugly mess that will be waiting for me when I get home Sunday...ah well, that's three whole days from now...maybe the fairies will clean it up while I'm gone. Yeah, you're right. It's just the caffeine talking. I've gotta cut back on the Diet Coke before noon.)


(yep, that's my name, and how I'll be signing my posts from now on.)

P.S. For those of you who asked, hinted and "strongly suggested", the new site will also have a photo of me. I just need to take one. Have I mentioned my broken camera lens!?!?  I could try to take one using my 70x300 zoom but, either it would end up being a really nice photo of my left eye or I'd have to leave the state to get far enough away for you to see my entire face...and no, my face isn't that big. I mean, really!?!?, have you had caffeine this morning too?!