A Serendipity View: My Day at The Antique Garden Show at Northwind Perennial Farms

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 Today I spent the day at what has become one of my favorite annual events: The Northwind Antique Garden Show.  For me, this show is probably more about the grounds, the gardens, and the collection of antiques that are housed there than about the vendors who actually set up for this fabulous show (although four of my close friends were vendors at this event).

So, today, instead of a post laced with photographs of the wares that were for sale and links to various vendor sites, I thought that I'd share MY view with you: A "Serendipity View" of a beautiful day hosted on grounds that are as inspiring as they are welcoming by three friends and business associates who are as genuine and funny and gracious as they are talented.  If you ever have the chance to visit, even if it's not for this event, it's a trip worth taking.

 Additional notes: You'll notice "ghosts" in many of the above photos. My camera fell this morning, cracking the lens mount ring at the body. I was able to manually remount the lens every few frames, enabling me to capture the images above, prior to dropping it off at the camera store to be shipped back to Nikon for repair. I'd also ask that you not copy or repost any of these images until I have time to watermark them.
 Have a glorious weekend!


For Further Information on Northwind, visit their site: http://northwindperennialfarm.com/main.html#