The Flag Party Pick Wreath - When Willpower Overcomes Common Sense

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Ever have one of those days where you start one project and end up doing something completely different? I had one of those last week.  I went to the pantry to find tea lights for the Patio Lantern Project.  When I tried to open the drawer, it got caught on boxes of flag picks which have been left over from several years of 4th of July parties at our house. Then, I remembered pinning  this to my Wreath Board on Pinterest.
                                                       july 4th
So, rather than getting the tea lights, I immediately went to my studio and grabbed a wreath form. After all, I had 600 flags, that should be enough, right?  See the wreath on the table below? Apparently not.

 I went to JoAnn  fabric. They had no flags. I went to Michaels. They didn't have a single one either. Then, earlier this week, I was at Hobby Lobby and I found them! I bought an additional 600 flags and brought them home. I was so excited to finish this project and get it off of the kitchen counter! Right after I finished printing the napkins that I was making.  After all, that's why I went to HobLob in the first place! Last night,  I finally poured the flags out onto the counter and guess what?

 They weren't the same! So, I did what any "artist with a sensitive aesthetic eye" would have done, I took it apart and started again.

 See how much better they look with the three sizes "artfully mixed together"?! either.

I painted some stars. I hung the wreath on the door. I stood back.

Notice the "white rows" where you can see the form? Yep, me too.

American flag red white blue 4th of July patriotic USA wreath

So, I did what any logical person determined that this project would succeed would do. I took it apart for a second time and started over.

 This time, I put the flags in from "side to side" instead of working my way around the outside of the circle in a row.

Whew! That's better.

 I've made my peace with the bits of the white form that still show through here and there. Although, in the spirit of "full disclosure", I'll admit that I DID, for ONE SECOND, consider taking it apart and wrapping the form with ribbon.

Moving on now.



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