Fall Decorating - Mantels and DIY Inspiration from the Past

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I thought that I'd start on fall decorating today but when I woke up this morning, I thought, "Dang, when did WINTER show up?"

                   Seriously...It's COLD this morning!  Did I miss fall completely? Are we setting some type of record for the coldest September? 

        So, rather than going outside at 7am on a Sunday morning and risking frostbite (okay, it's really 55 outside but to me, that's COLD!)

                            I decided to look through last year's photos for a little inspiration.

 I think that I may have been a little burlap happy...

                                            Come to think of it, I still am!  (Yes, there WILL  be a burlap wreath tutorial this week. I promise!)

 My family room mantel.  Love the basket. Love the wreath. The mantle, not my favorite.

              This  was my favorite.

                                                  My first attempt at an "almost all white"  mantel. 

Plenty of vintage: sheet music, lace, linens, and silver.

                           Plenty of natural elements: pine cones, acorns and grapevine spheres.

Traditional pumpkins in  Non-Traditional white, ivory and metallic.

  Believe it or not, this mantel made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving!

           That's probably some kind of record. At least at my house. Maybe I should call the Guinness Book of World Records.

                   Do you think that they have a category for
                                          The longest time a mantel vignette was left in place by a chronic DIY'er?!

                                            They might.

                             It could happen. Yep, I could be in the Guinness book.

               For a mantel.  With a burlap wreath. 

Okay, maybe not. But there might be a category for putting Christmas decorations up in October.

If there is, I think that I could have that one locked up!