Ombre' Glitter Pumpkin - Beating Blogger's Funk

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Do you ever have craft supplies talk to you?  I do.

I was in the Dollar Tree, standing in front of the wreath forms, waiting for inspiration to leap off of the shelves and help me with the blogger's creative funk that I've been in for the last several weeks when I heard it.

Whispering at me from the hook way down at the bottom of the craft section, behind the glue and paint and misplaced flash cards trying to masquerade as craft supplies, "Pssst... Lady, down here.  Yes, you, the one who has been hanging out in front of the wreath forms. It's me, OMBRE' GLITTER!"

I looked down and there he was. All golden and bronze. Waiting for me. I moved a little closer, bent down to get a better look  and said Well, Hello, handsome!"  I could hardly contain myself. Halloween colored Ombre'? Prepackaged? Really!? I grabbed three packages before anyone else noticed that the glitter and I were having a conversation .I handed the man at the checkout  $3 and drove home to find my stash of ugly, weather beaten, five year old, faux, pumpkins that have been just taking up space on the shelves in the basement waiting for a project like this.

I gathered my craft supplies.Yep.this is it, glitter, glue, a pumpkin, a plate (or paper) and a brush (missing from this photo...probably hanging out with the paint again).

Brush on a layer of glue, sprinkle with glitter, starting at the bottom of the pumpkin and the bottom of the package of ombre' glitter.Repeat.

Feel pretty proud of yourself for adding ombre' to the leaves.

Place the pumpkin on the sideboard in the dining room next to the burlap and tulle Halloween wreath that you made. Add a Dollar Tree pumpkin covered in the leftover glitter. Decide that your ombre glitter pumpkin is fun...and a little bit funky.

Dollar Tree ombre' glitter and pumpkins. Helping this blogger beat the funk by bringing the Funk....

to the top of the dresser in the dining room...
since 8 p.m. last night!

Happy Friday! I'm off to the Vintage Market!


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