Embroidered Canvas Dropcloth Fall Pillows

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Fall Halloween Thanksgiving Canvas Drop Cloth Pillows by Serendipity Refined

It's a little over a week into September.  My youngest  is back at school, Labor Day is over and I've retired my white shoes and purse for another season it's feeling more like fall. It's time for me to make a few fall-themed pillows and get out some warm blankets!

I've noticed that the tops of the oak and elm trees in my yard are beginning to show signs of change. This, of course, has put me in the mood for a little fall decorating.  However, until the plumber comes to run the gas line to the fireplace, the limestone mantel is still strapped to a pallet in the garage and I decided that no matter how decoratively I drape the wooden shipping crate with bittersweet and artfully arranged pumpkins, it's probably not going to  look very festive to anyone except me when I pull the car into the garage. So I guess that mantel decorating is probably at least a couple weeks away.

Since I have no mantel to decorate, I figured that the sewing machine could remain in the middle of the dining room table and the ironing board is just fine in the front window for a few more days.  I'm using this excuse opportunity to create a few fall themed pillows and towels to be sold online and in the shop in town.

I've enjoyed working with the golds and oranges and browns of fall. These truly among my favorite colors. To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for the fact that winter follows it, fall just might become my favorite time of year.  I love sweaters and bonfires plaid shirts and an excuse to wear my boots every day (not that I really need  an excuse). Velvet and denim, corduroy and wool, lace and burlap are at the ready and I've stocked up on pumpkins, wheat, pine cones, and other fall decorating elements.

I'm not rushing the season. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I'm hoping for a long and dry and colorful fall. I'm looking forward to football games and a bonfire or two as autumn brings its beauty to the Midwest. Of course, I'm also looking forward to construction at the farmhouse and marking the end of our first full year at the farmhouse.

I hope that you'll visit again soon. I'm working on a few more new pillow designs and there's sure to be a table runner, fall artwork, my usual fall urn planter and even some "pumpkin spice everything" recipes in the near future!

I hope that these fall themed pillows got you in the mood for cooler weather because fall and I...

                                                                                    ...well, we're just getting started!

What about you? Are you ready for fall?

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