Spray Painted White Resin Owl - Escape from "Reality"

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I found this guy on a shelf at a HomeGoods store somewhere in Wisconsin on Saturday. 

The sign on the shelf  read something like:

New Arrival!   Resin Owl ~ Realistic Features!

 And I thought to myself, Hmm..."realistic features"...Really!?

You're probably thinking that I was being snarky.  I promise, that's not it at all. Truly. It's just that I'd never seen an owl with glow in the dark yellow eyes and white polka dots standing carefully on a "tree stump" that seemed to be oozing something yellow. So I was, admittedly, just a little...um...surprised?!

I guess that it's mainly because we've got barn owls that sit in the trees behind our home on a regular basis and. we even had a great white owl in the tree outside our bedroom window a few years ago.

Maybe it's just that we just don't have this particular species in Illinois.

That's probably it. Right?!

I'm working on some Autumn decor and I needed another owl. Well, maybe need is a little strong. Let's just say that I was looking for one and this guy filled the bill.

Except for his glow in the dark yellow eyes, polka dots and oozing tree stump.

Thank heavens for the power of paint! The Rust-oleum Paint Plus spray paint. that I purchased at The Home Depot worked perfectly! It's got primer built in and it adheres to resin!

I still haven't decided whether or not to add a little gray or chocolate glaze.

I thought about it. It might make him a little more realistic...

But then I thought, wait, let's not go there. Sometimes, a little escape from reality is a good thing.

Besides, if I ever see an owl that actually does look like this, I'll take a photo and share it with you.

Wow. Do you suppose that they had a photograph that they worked from when they created this guy?


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