Vintage Suitcases - More Storage For My Studio

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You may have noticed them in the post that I published a couple of weeks ago when I shared the road side rescue dresser that's serving as another part of the vast amount of storage needed in my studio.

They're there, stacked beside the dresser. Do you see them?

I have a collection of  very well traveled, vintage suitcases that I've assembled over the years. Some have been gifts, others, I've purchased at flea markets, like the houndstooth case that I recently purchased from Kathy from Gracies Cottage/Down Lilac Lane. They're wonderful for storage. I have them all over the house.  These are those that are in my studio. They house a collection of ribbon, old hankies and bits of lace.

The suitcase that holds this tag was a gift from a friend. There are two of them. They belonged to her mother in law. Where do you think that she was going to or coming from? I thought that I had figured out that it was November 31, 1944...but as a reader so aptly pointed out, there are only 30 days in November, so the code remains a mystery.

Regardless, I've decided that  she was likely coming home from a Thanksgiving visit with family. At least that's the story that I tell myself.

Whose name do you suppose was on this beautiful leather tag? How many hands held these handles?

I'm fairly certain that they chat about it at night after I go to sleep. Telling stories of the places that they've seen and how fabulous their lives were before they came to live with me, in my studio, in the Midwest.

Yep, I'm certain of it. I'll bet that some of them even feel sorry for me. The most exciting place I've been this summer has been a day trip or two to the flea market. No suitcase required for that.