Farm House Shelves - Reclaimed Barn wood

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When I left you yesterday, the wood from Brian's barn, was leaning against the wall of my garage to dry after a good scrubbing.  In case you missed it, you'll find my prior post about the century old wood and the barn that it came from,  here.

While the wood dried,  I went to Home Depot and got two 4x8 sheets of pine bead board to use for the back of the cabinet. Since the bead board is new pine versus old, I'm going to distress it and faux finish it so that it looks older and will blend with the old wood. This is the mix of products that I used:

The first step was to wipe on some Old Masters white wiping stain. After that, I kept adding layers and sanding and wiping and smearing until I felt good about the way that it looked.  There is no right or wrong way to do this and there's no such thing as "perfect" but I think that it blends in pretty well, don't you?

After the cabinet was nailed together, I gave it one more light sanding with a sanding sponge and then blew it off with the leaf blower (yeah, I know, a leaf  blower?!...but the cabinet was in the garage and the leaf blower was more convenient than the vacuum) to remove every last spec of dust and loose debris before I finish coated it with Helmsman Spar Varnish in a Satin finish. (Before you ask, Yes, that IS a concrete chicken in the background. Her friend is behind the cabinet. Apparently she's too shy to be photographed).

This afternoon, we carried it into the dining room and set it atop the side board.

It looks exactly as I had hoped that it would.  The varnish brought out the red in the iron oxide "barn red" paint as well as the time worn patina of the pine.  I'm sending a link to this post to Brian tomorrow. I only hope that he's as pleased as I am with the way that it turned out.



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