Rub 'n Buff

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I'm putting the finishing touches on the dining room "make over". To be perfectly honest, this project turned out to be I made this project into a much bigger deal than it was originally intended to be.  What started out in my mind as a "spring freshening" which involved  merely painting the walls and changing a couple of pictures has turned into completely changing the style of the room, creating a built in, making a display cabinet for my Ironstone and slip covering the chairs....really!? I just can't seem to help myself!

It's going to take me the rest of this week and probably the weekend to finish. You probably saw a hint of what's going on in the background of my Simple Easter Dinner Table Setting post. I'm afraid that's all you'll see until next week. Sorry!

I did want to show you a fun new finish that I've been creating.  I've been experimenting with Rub 'n Buff on a few of the metal pieces that I'm using in the dining room.

Ever since Marian at Miss Mustard Seed did her post about her love of old brass, I've been feeling much better about mine. I think that I'll keep a bit of brass around as an accent but I did want to give these pieces a bit of "time worn patina" that will be more in keeping with the feel of the new dining room decor.

I got my Rub 'n Buff from Hobby Lobby (don't forget your 40% off coupon). It's wax based and you simply rub it on, let it dry, and buff it with a cloth.  Super simple! I chose Silver Leaf and Black because I'm merely trying to "age" these pieces, not to completely cover the original finish.

I love the way that they came out, don't you? In fact, I decided to rub a little on the lamp that will be on the dresser that I painted last week!

See you Friday!