Working on My PHD's

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Holy Smacks!  It's Thursday! How did that happen?! I seem to have lost an entire week! I'll admit, it's been  more than a little busy at work. It probably didn't help that I ended up in (Facebook) jail on Wednesday night after too much (blog) partying with friends;  AND I've been working on completing one of my  PhD's this week. Yep, that's right, I'm working on several. I mean, if I'm going to do the work, I find that having more than one PhD is something that I've always aspired to. It's something I've been working on since college. Heck, I even had a couple of PhD's before college.

Okay, before you go getting all jealous and thinking to yourself, "How DOES she do it all and still manage to have the time to blog about it?" I've got to confess that what I'm talking about is not several advanced courses of study by which I've  become a subject matter expert in some lofty topic. The PhD's that I'm talking about are my Projects Half Done. That is a topic on which I am a subject matter expert!

I'm currently working simultaneously on PhD's in Exercise (room make over) and
 Architectural Design (elements that need to be hung on the wall).
As you can see from these photos, I'm more than half way through my PhD in Geography.

That's the final that you see leaning against the wall. I'll take it (off the floor and hang it up) some day when I have the hour (or more) of intense concentration that it will probably require (to figure out which wall to put it on) There's also a mechanical component to the final (since it didn't come with mounting hardware).

I'm also pursuing PhD's in  several areas of U.S History from various periods: 
1985 Bombay Company(bench refinishing) with an emphasis on linen slip cover upholstery.

 1945 Illinois Architectural Salvage with an emphasis on finally having the glass shelves cut.

 1950 Tell City Chairs  and 1960's Road Side Rescue Dresser
Not one but two PhD's in Furniture with emphasis in getting them painted and the heck out of the garage so that I can park in there before winter.
I am, however, happy to report that, after an extremely strenuous week of working until midnight for two nights, I have completed my PhD in Herbal Science with an emphasis on  making new Lavender and Chamomile dryer sachets!  It was tough. There was some harvesting and drying of herbs. Mixing was involved.

I made it through the sewing and had even taken the final (step of putting them in the container on the shelf in the laundry room) and then, it happened. Just when I thought that I had finished, I realized that there was an additional requirement: I needed to make a couple of gift sachets. They needed to be special, worthy of a PhD that would take almost a month to complete.

The thesis for this PhD involves friendship. The dissertation involved embroidery and hand stitching, beading and sewing of linen, lavender, and lace. The final (packaging) was today and I'm turning them in (to the post office) tomorrow. I expect that I'll learn the outcome of the work  in a few days when my committee of three receive their respective packages.

Now that I've completed one PhD, I think that I'll to go to a few estate sales this weekend to see if I can't find another one (or two) to pursue!

P.S. A special note of thanks to my dear friend, Laurie, for sending me the cartoon that inspired  this post!

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