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Have you ever come across a solution that was so brilliant in its simplicity that you wondered how in the world you didn't figure it out earlier?  Yeah., me too. Last night, I was looking through the West Elm catalog. I happened upon this:
Of COURSE I Pinned it to my Knock Off board. This morning, after my youngest son left for his morning run, I walked into the boys' bathroom and was greeted by this: 
 Seriously!? The "issue": Adolescent male grooming products and not enough cabinet space. The "answer": Felt storage!

First, figure out what size you'd like your container to be. This one is 6x6 inches square with 6 inch tall sides. Then, measure, draw, and cut the felt. Note: I used 80/20 wool felt which was purchased at Jo-Ann fabrics. It's a little thicker than craft felt and will stand up better. Your felt shape will look like a "+"  when you cut it. (see drawing because I was so darned excited that I forgot to take a picture. Sorry!)  Personalize the container. I've found that I'm more successful in getting my children to use things like this if I put their name on it. I wish that I could tell you why but hey, if it works....

I embroidered this one on my sewing machine. The embroidery can be done by hand or decorate the container with paint or glitter...use your imagination!  Then zig-zag (or blanket stitch, by hand) the edges. That's it!

 See?! I told you that it was super simple! Problem solved!

Yep, I can see this becoming an obsession! I have already decided that I'm making a bunch of these:
For my studio to hold fabric and craft supplies. For my office to hold papers, magazines and even pencils! I can see them as cute containers for children's toys or art supplies!  Heck, they could be baskets to hold stray socks! I was happily thinking of all of the fun things that these little boxes could be used for. Then, I hit on the Motherlode!  I could make these containers with lids and they could be used to hold Christmas gifts! So, I figured out how to make a top for the container this morning.  Don't worry, you'll see more of these on this site with complete directions and ideas for decorating them when it gets closer to the holidays! I can just imagine these cute boxes holding all kinds of things and being great for the environment because these boxes will mean no gift wrap!

Once I got started, it was tough to stop. Thank heavens I had to go to work! (Really?! Did I just say that out loud?!) Poor cell phone....never stood a chance. In hindsight, I probably should have added the word "phone"  or a monogram. Oh well, I can do that on the next one!
Yep, I'm on a mission! IPod, IPad, Kindle, Nook, you name it!   In fact, it was so much fun that I decided to knock off this next: Click this link to visit my Pinterest page!

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