A Hint of Autumn: Pumpkin and Wheat Harvest Wreaths

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Can you believe it's September? I can't.

Sure, I've noticed that it's more quiet at my home now that my sons are back in school and I've noticed that the groups of children who walk past my house each morning are carrying backpacks and lunches instead of baseball bats and swimsuits.

What I hadn't noticed (until yesterday) was how really pathetic the wreaths on my front door looked. So sad, in fact, that when I saw them, I took them down so quickly that I didn't even take a picture. Geez, I wonder how long they've looked this way!

There were shells missing and even some Easter grass woven into them where a bird apparently thought that the wreath was a good place to start a nest and then changed her mind. 

 EASTER GRASS!?!?! Really!?

 I quickly pulled off the shells and  the Easter grass. I'll clean the shells and use them on a future project. The Easter grass?! Yeah, not-so-much.

Then, I simply added some moss that was left over from my Dining Room Chandelier Project, pumpkins and dried wheat  purchased at Hobby Lobby (all of their Autumn Decor is 40% off and dried is 50% off).

 Easiest wreath transformation ever!  Now, while I'm not ready for September, at least my front doors are.


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